Facebook Automation recommended Settings and explain options

explain about options

- 'Posting Threads': Number of threads working when the software posting your messages (*.fmsg).

- 'Posting Delay': The time in second that your thread waiting between messages sending.

- 'Automatic add link thumbnail in your message': The software auto generate thumbnail for an link in your message (*.fmsg). 

- 'Remove the link in your message if thumbnail is auto generated': After the software added thumbnail for your link in your message, it will be remove this link in your message text.

how many messages should i send for each account daily?

You should send less than 200 messages for each account daily. Facebook is largest social network, we do not know exactly when is your account blocked. For each account you should not posting too many message daily. You can using multiple accounts instead posting using one account.

what is recommended settings for my facebook automation software?

You can use "Recommended Settings" button on Settings window

Facebook Automation Settings


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