Creating facebook messages on new version and old version for RANDOM/SPIN feature

What about random feature on old version

For working random feature with old version, you must create text files. Example, you want to random Photo Caption while posting one or more images to facebook. You must create text files for each Photo Caption and select folder contain these files.

What about random/spin feature on new version

With the new version, you can create new messages with more flexible. Example: I have IPhone 6 image and caption is "New model IPHONE" and another image is Notebook, caption is "New model Notebook". So, by creating message file (*.fmsg) you can random messages with more flexible. Because i dont want "New model Notebook" for my IPhone image.

Is creating facebook message file take more time text (*.txt) file?

No, its faster than. By using "Save As" button you can quick create your facebook message file.

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