Facebook Limitions and Some TIPS/NOTES when using Facebook Automation software


You will see this text: "(This message posted via Facebook Automation - goo.gl/fWPkBF)" at end of your message. It will be removed in the PREMIUM version.


You should setting for your account language as English (US) to make program working properly. (https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=account&section=language&view)


- Facebook is largest social network site in the world and it's smart to prevent spam. Your accounts may be got blocked by facebook at anytime if you are sending too many stories/photos/friend requests ... for an account at a time (in a day).
- There is a limitation for the number of messages you can send per day. We recommend that you should send less than 50 messages for each account per day.


- DO NOT post a same message/story or a LINK so many times. You should use SPIN/RANDOM feature when posting facebook messages (*.fmsg). You can also try RANDOM LINKS
- You can not post more than one photo to friend walls or pages.
- If you are posting photos, you shoud use random caption.
- DO NOT use an account or a link got blocked before.
- You should use MANY accounts and spin them for a month. Ex: I have 300 accounts and im using 10 accounts for a day and spin these account within a month.


Depending on your target, you should find groups related to that.
You should use some facebook accounts (5 - 10 depending on your target) and for each account should joining to groups by specify keyword. Example:
I have a website offering SEO services.
For first account, i will searching for groups with "SEO", "SEO Group", "SEO Google" ... keywords and join to these groups.
Second account, i will searching for groups with "Link exchange", "Link Exchange group" ... keywords and join to these groups.
Third account, i will searching for groups with "Online marketing", "Internet marketing" ... keywords and join these groups.
So, i can easy to manage my campaign to adverting for my products

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