How to add a facebook account to Facebook Automation software?

video demo


- Simulator Browser: Login to your account via embed browser (IE) and simulator a browser when posting
- Facebook App: Login to your account via Facebook App and using their API when posting
- Facebook Token: Using a specify facebook token for posting


- All features on the software are working difference for each Posting Mode. E.g: You can not post a comment with a Facebook Token or the softwsare does not support mention Tags for Facebook App mode.
- The link thumbnail does not work for Token Mode. You should use an account on Simulator/Facebook App to create messages files (*.fmsg).
- You should not login/log out frequently to the account added to the software.
- The software will automatically refreshing TOKEN for you with Simulator Browser and Facebook App mode.
- You can only post a single photo for Facebook App/Token account.
- You can not use Page Profile to post to another facebook page for Facebook App/Token account.
- Facebook 2.5 version have deprecated user_group permission. The app can not read the Groups a person is a member. You can try Facebook Graph Explorer for getting your groups:
- Required permissions for a Token: user_about_me, user_groups ,status_update, photo_upload, video_upload, share_item, publish_stream, manage_pages, publish_actions, publish_pages.
- Facebook Graph Explorer is an app offering by facebook. So you do not need worry about it. The software using this app for fetching groups list, pages you liked and checking for page infos.
- With Simulator Browser mode, the software does not posting via Facebook App. So you don't need to worry about facebook token expires. Also, the software automatic refresh token for you.

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