Facebook Graph Search White Label version [Got money by reselling FGS software]

What is the White Label version?

It's a custom version for Facebook Graph Search software. You can modify software name, help link, purchase link, contact page, change logs page, website and email.

can i get money by selling this software?

If you have a great site or you are good in online marketing, then YES you can make a lot of money from this software. Facebook Graph Search is one of best software for Facebook Marketing. With the White Label version, you can selling at ANY PRICE. You will be the software provider and will not relate to ntweb.org/snaware.com

how can i get white label version - terms of use

- This is NOT an affiliate program. Simply, you will buy our keys and sell them at a price that you want.
- You can sell it with ANY PRICE that you want. If you can sell it at a high price, you will earn a lot of money.
- You can modify infomations like software name, help link, contact link, email address, purchase link, change logs link and website address.
- You must buy at least 10 licenses from us to get the White Label version. We will gave you an account with 10 licenses in the account.
- The cost for each license is $30
- You can active your licenses by yourself via ntweb.org (or snaware.com). We will give for you an account that you can login to and active the license which you want. But you can not delete/modify/block a license. You will need to contact us if you want to do that.
- We are not responsible if you will not able to sell all the keys that you bought. There is not refund after you bought the keys from us.


Our resellers is getting around $2500 per month by selling this software. Contact us and let start right now. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

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