GETTING STARTED: Registering facebook account and targeting audience

[personal experience]

- Step 1:  I will create around 3 - 4 facebook accounts daily using Android Emulator (Nox, BlueStacks, Droid4x or anything else that you have) with default browser on that. Im using GMX, Protonmail service. You can register for FREE. You can also use 3G network for changing ip address. For each new ip address you can get higher creation rate.
- Step 2: Add some "Details about you" on each facebook account (Work, city, college, relationship ...) and upload a profile picture. (You can also download the Facebook mobile app for registering).
- Step 3: Like (3 - 4) pages and join (1 - 2) groups that are popular and suggested by facebook.
- Step 4: Add it to Facebook Automation software and create a interaction schedule (set Default to NO, it will allow the software random like a post on your feed). This will keep you account live longer.
- Step 5: Keep your account 7 - 15 days (for sure 3 - 4 weeks) and don't use. Just open Facebook Automation software to run interaction schedule.
- Step 6: Searching target audience groups for each account that reasonable with your service/website/product.
- Step 7: Schedule joining to these groups (max to 10 for a day).
- Step 8: Start schedule posting your message to groups (should use random link and google shorten link service in Settings on the software).
- Step 9: Repeating these steps daily until you got enough accounts that you want.
- Step END: Good luck to you :)


- Please do not try create too many accounts daily. I got around 10 - 20 clicks for each post on a group daily. I just post around 20 - 30 groups daily and using total 10 accounts. This mean, i got around 2k - 6k clicks daily. For each account i just use few time in a month.
- You should use Google Shorten and Random Your Link to post on Facebook.
- You can also buy some Facebook Accounts that already have more friends, verified via phone and created few year ago. It will live longer than and working smoothly.
- [PERSONAL EXPERIENCE] I suggest you to don't post more than 10 groups per 3 days, if you are posting each day it's not even higher risk to get suspended, but you even will have extremelly less reach of your posts. Also suggest you to spin your posts and delete it after 24-40 hours cause it will not get a lot of clicks, but still be reporting, cause same people will see it. Instead of more post, you should use more accounts and dont repeated for a link too many times.

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